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The Manifesto of Unhindered Access Organization


YazarEngelsiz Erişim Grubu


Toplam okunma1791

Blindness, which results from one’s being not able to use his or her sight partly or completely, emerges from judgements and arrangements in social and physical realms’ being not able to answer to accessibility needs, is a situation of being disabled or being hindered. As it can be understood from our description above, we think the thing that makes blindness a hinderace is not one’s deficiency of the organ of sight, but are barriers that arise from the arrangements in the society. That is why we believe that blindness is indeed a hinderance because of the judgements and the arrangements in the society. For this reason, our aim as “Unhindered Access Group” is to abolish this situation of being hindered, by raising awareness both in the society and among the unseeing. In other words, our group’s belief is to diminish the prejudices in people’s heads and that blindness will be no more a hinderance and that an unseeing person can maintain his or her life equally in every aspect with every other individual of the society, in the case of considering everybody’s needs in the right way.


From this point of view, Unhindered Access Group wants no separate parks, no separate schools or no separate villages for the unseeing. Our wish is that the arrangements existing in the society are made suitable for the access and the usage of the unseeing. For we believe every arrangement that alienates the unseeing and other disabled groups from society is indeed nothing more than discrimination, we condemn such arrangements strongly.


Besides this, we want to assert that we are also strongly against the unseeing people who exploit and abuse the society materially and morally using their disabilities. We believe initially that these kinds of exploitations are injustice and aspersion done to the unseeing society. For we believe every kind of act abusing the society present blindness as a situation of incapability. That is why, we assert to be against of every kinds of tea organizations, moneyboxes, sales made to schools and music groups in the street that depend on emotional exploitation that we think to be serves nothing more than abusing blindness.


Additionally, we strongly condemn the unseeing being exploited in various means by the society.


In conclusion, as Unhindered Access Group we fundemantally stand up to alienating and discriminating practices carried out on the unseeing and every other disabled groups, at the same time to the abuse of both the disabled and the the society by whichever reason. In other words, the two points our group will mainly struggle for are discrimination and exploitation.


We can summerize Unhindered Access Group’s real mission, with the aim of the unseeing to coalesce with the society free from hinderance, as to make scientific researches that raise awareness of the society and the unseeing and increase equal opportunity, support their being done, prepare projects and follow these projects to be applied till the end. While doing this, our aim is not to compete with other disabled groups, but to cooperate whenever there is an opportunity. Our aim in establishing such a group is to prepare projects which do not act with material concerns, whose limits depend on our imaginations and to endeavour for these projects to be applied. To do this, these secretariats will give service under the constitution our group:


Research and Development Secretariat: The aim of this secretariat will be to imagine, research and bring projects to maturity. Our desk which questions and researches the factors that make blindless hinderance in the society how tangibly to be overcome and develops projects will be located in this secretariat.


Communication Secretariat: This secretariat will take steps in the direction of presentation and application of the projects that are prepared by the Development Secretariat and establishment of connection for our projects to be applied. For this purpose, Communication Secretariat will have external affairs, employment and public relations branches. One of these branches, the external affairs branch, will follow day-to-day the developments in the realm of the disabled in the world and develop and organize the studies and the projects that can be carried out in our country. In this point, it will maintain the foreign connections of the Reserch and Development Secretariat.


Employment branch will be a branch which explains and introduces the employers what kind of jobs the unseeing can do when necessary conditions are maintained.


Another branch of our Communication Secretariat, the public relations branch, will make studies to raise awareness of every layer that sees and does not see. For example, to hold seminars in order to inform the staffs in places like markets, restaurants and cinemas how to behave towards a disabled person without offending or alienating him or her will be among the projects of this branch.


Finally, the aim of Unhindered Access Group is to imagine and think in order to abolish disability and hinderance that they live in their heads or are imposed them by the society and to actualize these thoughts in the direction of scientific bases. We think and imagine first because we know that the thing that seems the most impossible becomes possible when thought.


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